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Stay Safe

Update Windows regularly to avoid viruses. The official site also provides updates for your hardware like video cards & monitor. By keeping your Windows comptuer up to date, you significantly decrease your risk of exposure to hackers and computer worms (a type of computer virus).

Why did I get a virus?

Most computers catch a virus from using an unpatched Windows computer without an updated anti-virus program while using filesharing applications and infected websites. Keeping your antivirus software up to date, ensuring that Windows patches itself automatically, and taking care to visit only trusted websites can go a long way toward keeping you safe. Additionally, you might choose to avoid filesharing programs like Limewire which are known for the risk they present to your computer's security.

How can I prevent future viruses?

Install an antivirus program, and keep it up to date. Here are some free options:

Running and keeping an antivirus program updated decreases the risk of catching a virus. Good judgment while using your computer is just as important, however. Even a good antivirus program will eventually let you down if you visit the wrong sites, open up the wrong emails, and download the wrong programs!

Computer Repair, Virus Removal, and Onsite Technology Services - 248-535-5058

BienTek provides pick-up and on-site computer repair services to Northville, Michigan, specializing in virus removal services and laptop repair. BienTek performs PC repair services, offering computer pick-up and delivery for the area surrounding Northville, including Livonia, Novi, and Farmington Hills.

Laptop repair services include diagnostics, lcd screen replacement, dc jack repair, and mac repair.

Computer networking services like cable and wireless network installation are offered for the home and small business.

Onsite tech services, pick-up and drop-offs scheduled 7 days a week.

See BienTek's coupon page for deals.

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41663 Blair Dr
Novi, MI 48377

Customer Reviews for BienTek

A Yahoo User

These guys are the BEST ever!! I called Brian the morning my hard drive crashed and he had Ryan out within a couple of hours. Not only did the hard drive crash, Ryan actually went to the store to get one and was back in about 40 minutes. Needless to say, he installed the new HD and Windows, did about 19000 updates (slight exageration), loaded all necessary drivers, copied files from my external drive and generally gave everything a clean bill of health.

BienTek is the ONLY computer repair service I will use for onsite work!!

Brian & Ryan, thanks again for the fantastic service!

Gary in Novi

I had a wireless router stop working on a Sunday afternoon. I also wanted to relocate a dsl modem and the wireless router from a second story office to the ground floor. I am disabled and no longer do stairs. I called Brian Monday morning and explained that I wanted a new router installed (I had been having occasional issues with the old one), and I needed a modem and the new router relocated. Chris was the technician who did the job. Chris worked around my scheduled Dr. appointment and came to the house around 6PM and did all that I had hoped for. Chris also stayed and made sure that my wireless printer was up and running after the hardware changes.

How to Watch Out for Computer Virus Symptoms

Since viruses are typically written by malicious individuals with the intent to profit from them, a popular tactic these days is to scare the user into giving up their credit card number to an illegitimate antivirus program. Watch out for fake antivirus programs that you did not install on your computer. If an "antivirus program" appears on your computer that you know you did not install, it could be a fake. These are called "rogue antivirus programs", since they are there to deceive, not help. They typically ask for your credit card number. This is certainly dangerous because you cannot trust a virus writer with any of your personal information. A related, new fake antivirus program pretends to scan your hard drive; it "discovers" errors, and may also ask for your credit card. Beware of programs that you do not recognize asking for this information. Some of them even look like they might be official Windows programs.

The next most common sign of a virus is getting redirected to websites that you did not visit. For example, you might have just done a Google or Yahoo search, only to discover that you did not end up on the page for the search result that you clicked on. Virus writers can profit with a "browser hijacker" trojan on your computer that will send you to malicious websites that they profit from.

Finally, unexpected advertising and annoying popups can be a sign of a computer virus. Your computer might be running slower than it normally does. If your homepage changed, and you are getting unexpected ads, then take caution and run an antivirus program like Malwarebytes. If you cannot install such a program on your computer, it may be too late to help yourself; your computer may be too far gone, having been infected with one of the worst types of viruses like a rootkit. If this is the case, get a technician or experienced computer guru to help.


Choosing a computer repair business to help with virus removals - what to expect:

Typical computer virus removal services cost $145-$300. Geek Squad charges a somewhat pricey $300 for onsite services, whereas some smaller on-site computer services businesses will provide a higher level of service at less cost.

To make sure that you do not catch another virus, ask whether the removal will include a security checkup and antivirus program if necessary. The checkup should include an inspection (and repair, if necessary) of Windows Updates, as well as your antivirus program. The technician may offer to perform the virus removal on-site or back at the shop. If the technician offers to pick up your computer and drop it off later after the virus removal is performed, one advantage is that the tech will likely have more time to thoroughly scan and clean up your computer. Be sure to insist that the technician does not wipe your computer, unless this is an acceptable option - you may get a better deal if it is o.k. for the tech to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows. Specify ahead of time which data you need backed up, if any. You may expect some extra charges if you need your computer's data to be backed up first.

When you receive your computer back, check to make sure that it's working as you would expect before making a payment. Check your computer's basic functionality like Internet access.

Northville Technology Resources

If your computer is down and you need a temporary computer, try Northville Library Public Computer Access. Wireless Internet is also available. When using public computers, be safe with these guidelines.

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